Sinchan Maitri

Founder and CEO, Saffrink

let mySkills = ["Android", "iOS", "Web","UI/UX Design"]

let languages = ["HTML/CSS", "Javascript", "JAVA", "Swift", "Objective-C"]

I am

About Me

Hey there! I'm Sinchan Maitri, a 17 year old entrepreneur from Bangalore, India. I'm a Web , Android and iOS developer. My latest experience includes organising a techno-cultural fest, Esperanza 2k17. Check out my android apps on the Play Store .

I'm also good at UI/UX Design. Besides tech, I like music, books and yeah tech again 😜. Well, breaking and making things are my routine. Have a cool idea? Shoot me an e-mail.

Couple Chaos : Fun, break and patch

The couples in the real-world breaking up. But let's go and spice it up !

Couple Chaos is couples game. Yes ! Ain't no kidding... This couple will be racing up the tower and you have to save them!
Tap to break them up so that they can pass through the two way floor. Tap again to patch them up so that they can go together up the tower. Take them up as many floors as you can and top the leaderboards ! Compete with your friends and let's see who has faster reflexes.


You can contact me from this form to leave feedback, suggestions, discuss about an idea or project. Or you can just say me Hi!